Ovation Hair: Real Stories

Ovation Hair is always pleased to hear from our customers. Thank YOU for taking the time to let us know how our products are working to help your hair grow thicker, stronger and longer!

“My hair was falling out in the shower and uring brushing no matter what I tried. It may be due to the presciptions I am taking, but my hair just seems to be getting thinner all the time. After ONE USE of Ovation Cell Therapy, i noticed only a few hairs falling out in the shower. When I ran out, I started using my old shampoos again and within a few weeks, it started falling out again! Can’t wait to get my order in the mail! Not to mention, it smells so good and my hair is so shiny it gleams, My frizzy natural curls became healthy waves. I just love it. If you ever need a spokesperson let me know! “

Melinda, Alameda, CA

“I love this product! For years my hairdresser was telling me that my hair was thinning and really dry. i starting using ovation and went to have my hair done about three months after i started and she was amazed at how well my hair looked. she said that usually when she washes my hair she would have quite a bit of hair in the sink, but this time there was none. she said my hair looked healthier, fuller, and she noticed new growth. Thank you so much for this product, i love it!!!”

“I am super satisfied with the Ovation cell therapy System! i never thought there’d be a product that actually does what its suppose to do! before using ovation my hair wouldn’t grow, but when it did i would get split ends and end up cutting it, therefore back to short hair again =( but when using ovation: after finishing the first set of 12oz bottles ive noticed my hair has grown a few inches but mainly its looking a whole lot healthier! OMG its so much softer now! and ive notice that there are less split ends! i am still using your product and love it!!!!!!! Thank you ovation you brought life back into my hair! =D”

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